Touch Rugby Fever….


The Temple Town Tigers were started by a couple of French speaking expats who would come together a couple times a week to play the game for fun. More joined and the group grew quickly as this new sport became an instant hit. The name Temple Tigers started after Covid just to create some identity and team spirit 

The squad is strong…

A regular group of 20 players that get together Tuesdays and Thursdays. In recent times one or two tourists have taken a break from the temples and pub street and joined each week with everyone chipping in to cover field cost.

One founding team member Pierre Fitchat quoted:

“We have a competitive core team and some really good young Khmer players who joined us from Salabai hotel school and other hospitality schools. They attended a couple of coaching sessions done by some of the senior players and within a couple of weeks these boys and girls went from never touching a Rugby ball to being some of the best players on the field. It was really cool to see their growth. We also have some Khmer players who used to play for contact Rugby teams who play with us as well. We also compete in and host tournaments with teams in PP and around SEA as much as we can”.

To continue their Development Pierre continued:

“Now the kids are doing it and one of our members is a qualified contact coach and him and his partner recently started offering touch Rugby lesson to kids on Sunday mornings. Anyone interested to get their kids involved can contact our main facebook page. The Temple Tiger brand is also expanding into other sports and a couple of the touch Rugby members who are school teachers have started facilitating sessions in Football, Badminton and Swimming. Coaches are doing it on volunteer basis and if anyone has any expertise in any sport they would like to share with the children of Cambodia, we would love to hear from them. The equipment and uniforms are usually provided by the coaches or sponsorship and the kids cover their field or pool rental which is usually around $2 per session. We started with about 12 students across all the sport codes about 6 months ago and we are up 70 now. The coaches already sponsor quite  couple of the students, we are reaching a point where we can’t do much more. If anyone would like to get involved as a sponsor, doner or investor to give more students access to organised team sport we would be delighted to hear from them”

This article is adapted from BPVE SPORT Cambodia, reported and edited from the great team – Cambodia Sports Review.


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