Uncertainty Leading To Transfer Chaos


One month today the international transfer window will close and clubs in Cambodia are expected to have registered their squads for the season ahead. A simple enough task for any professional club. However with the uncertainty of the second division even going ahead, even less knowledge of what the start date will be and no idea what the format will be, clubs in the second tier are on the brink of chaos.

What Pre Season Should Look Like…

The break between seasons is usually busy for the admin staff of any football club as they battle the clock to copy documents, chase down details and then enter everything into the dreaded FIFA system. Players are let go, some sign new deals but the the most exciting part is seeing the new faces coming through the door. New faces bring new energy and fans everywhere get excited and begin dreaming this could be their year.

For clubs in Cambodia second division this hasn’t been the case. it all started back in October when CPL decided to have an 10 month gap between seasons leaving clubs with them impossible task of keeping hold of players or having to pay players under contract for no competitive football. Foreign players in particular jumped ship and left the country. For most African and South American players this wasn’t an option and some were forced into part time jobs to make money. In some cases clubs had deals with players lasting two years or more. They were then forced to either pay a big settlement and let them go or keep paying them to do nothing.

It’s All About Image..

Say the words Cambodia & football in the same sentence and your often met with a little chuckle. Globally the country has a reputation for some far more sinister things involving football them the actual football itself. This reputation is changing and Cambodia is seen by a lot of players and coaches as a gateway to Asia. It’s a great spot to hone your skills without much pressure. What should be happening is better quality players coming every year to begin here. What’s happened this time round is must have gone. Coupled with that is the issue is that League Two teams have no idea of the start date, format or regulations. How can they be expected to attract players, coaches and even investment if they have no idea what’s going on? The image being projected to pros grin all over the world is that we’re shambles.


The top tier is clearly being looked after and as a product is getting better. Underneath there seems to be a lack of understanding of what clubs want, a critical lack of support when it comes to finances and it begs the question: why would anyone want to be involved in football outside the CPL top tier.

Once again the hierarchy of football is showcasing such disparity between the haves and have nots that the transfer window might not have any relevance what so ever for clubs in League Two. It would be typical Cambodia if a club signed foreign players to beat the window then they announce no foreigners in the division.

Let’s hope for some news soon.

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