The Vattanac Premier League?

Vattanac Premier League

A memorandum of understanding has reportedly been signed between the Cambodian Premier League and Vattanac Brewery on “sponsorship cooperation”, although what that actually means is not yet known.

The news was released by the Cambodian Premier League and was conducted at the legendary Tribe hotel, where other football meetings and seminars have also been held.

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The Vattanac Premier League?

With the league not having a title sponsor since Metfone in 2021 the news of a sponsor and the potential money it would bring it would be very welcome. As part of plans to raise $3 million for the league, a main sponsor was considered essential by league chairman Satoshi Sato.

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While not official, it was reported that Metfone paid around $500,000 a season, with one expecting that Vattanac would at the very least have to match that. Last season many clubs, particularly in the second division struggled financially, with many even going bust, so money from sponsors is considered essential with regards to growing Cambodian football.

Who are Vattanac Brewery?

As you might expect they make beer, a product that until a few years ago was dominated by Cambodia Beer and Angkor Beer. These have since been joined by Vattanac, Prince, Hanuman and Krud.

Hanuman now famously sponsor the Siem Reap United Stadium, while Krud recently became sponsors of the Cambodian Super Cup. Should Vattanac manage league naming rights, it would certainly prove to be a coup.

Confusingly while beer companies can sponsor clubs, gambling companies cannot, despite the CPL officially partnering with one, as well as the huge elephant in the room tat is Nagaworld……

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