Vishaka 1-1 Nagaworld (1-2)

Vishaka 1-1 Nagaworld

It’s going to be Nagaworld awaiting Crown or Kirivong in the CLC Final on June 4th and a chance to lay down the marker for the upcoming season.

First Half: Vishaka 0-1 Nagaworld (AGG: 0-2)

It was a classic rainy season evening, the skies had failed to clear and the drizzle was just strong enough to put fans off packing the stadium out. For those that did decide to come we’re greater to early exchanges played much like a basketball match. Both teams giving up possession too easily, both clearly a little rusty. That aggression from the first leg was still there with tackles going in hard but fair.

It was the type of night defenders dread. Slippery, ball moving quickly and enough pressure to put decision making into doubt of any player.

In the 27th minute, the first costly mistake of the evening was committed, and away team took the lead. Vishaka, winning the ball on the edge of their own penalty area, set off on a counter attack. Two quick passes and they had the overload and were moving at pace. One touch too many in transition and before they crossed the half way line they had conceded possession and Nada were going the other way. One pass to Brazilian forward Christian and he found himself in a 1v1 situation. The Brazilian ghosted past his man and struck the ball across goal to find his fellow countryman Marcio sliding in at the back post to make it 1-0. The goal wasn’t the most beautiful he will score this season but it was a testament to the desire of Marcio who wanted it more than the FOUR Vishaka defenders who could’ve prevented the ball getting to him at the back post.

Second Half: Vishaka 1-1 Nagaworld (AGG:1-2)

Vishaka 1-1 Nagaworld

Vishaka came out needing two goals to force extra time and three to win. They started the second half brightly, passing the ball with more purpose and quality. Naga were happy to sit a little deeper and allow them to have the ball, always looking for the chance to nick the ball and go on the counter.

Vishaka frustration was summed up on 75 minutes when finally managing to break the lines of the Naga midfield, one chance to shoot wasn’t taken but instead misplaced out for a throw in.

The last 10 minutes saw a Vishaka onslaught with several chances going close but most frustratingly for everyone watching, the final ball was letting then down and it wasn’t until the 97th minute that Vishaka would pull one back with a superb finish.

Too little too late.

The Coaches

Borey will be the happier of the two of course and will relish the chance to coach against the old rivals Crown (unless Kirivong cause the biggest upset of course). Simon will be gutted he couldn’t bring home some silverware to start the new season with and our won’t feel like it right now but this could be a blessing in disguise. The loss will make him analyze the squad even deeper than he has and he can put things right before the big show.

What Did We Learn?

Naga are back!! They’re a threat and this season and alongside Svay Rieng & Vishaska have the almighty challenge of taking down Crown.

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