We Don’t Like Cricket…  Oh no…  We love it..!!


One sport that won’t make headlines due to no one really knowing anything about it here in Asia is Cricket. However the game is gaining a following that is growing and at the SEA Games 2023 it has not only featured, but been popular. BPVE went to see what all the fuss was about.

Cricket At The Games…

The Games will have eight different cricket tournaments across four formats – 50 overs, T20, T10 and 6s (six-a-side). There are men’s and women’s events in each format. There will be 6 countries competing in the men’s event-

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand and  Myanmar are the seventh team in the women’s competition. Vietnam were expected to compete but withdrew before a ball was tossed.

For most who won’t understand some terminology used if you’re to read past this point gets a brief rundown. An over is 6 balls thrown at you. In T20 you have 20 overs on T10 you would have 10 overs and 6 aside cricket is to a match up if the best all round cricket players who are capable of bowling, batting and fielding.

Pure Excitement Guaranteed…

Cricket in long test series style is often considered very boring to watch much like a long drawn out chess match over the course of several days. With limited overs players are forced to attack and score as many as they can in as few balls as they can. This means they make decisions they usually wouldn’t and take more risks.

Cambodia can compete….

In ASEAN there is more a clear nation that stands above the rest. Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia have a lot of Indian immigrants and influence in their society so they’re more investment and time dedicated to the sport. Cambodia announced a cricket federation was being formed, brought in coaches from Australia and then in the first training session they managed enough players for one team. It’s grown considerably since those days with the men taking home gold in the 50 overs & T20 series,mwhil the women will play for gold on the final day of the games in T10.

It’s only the second time cricket has ever featured at the SEA Games and on the evidence of the quality and enjoyment on show it won’t be the last. It’s not the most popular sport my a very long way but it’s developing nicely.

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