WeWatch partners with NSFC to boost sports ecosystem and celebrate SEA Games achievements

WeWatch partners with NSFC

Premium digital platform WeWatch, who recently teamed up with Next Step Football Club (NSFC) held a partnership launch event on Wednesday to promote and support sports in the region.

To mark the occasion, WeWatch live-stream the football match between Cambodia and Indonesia at Hideout in Siem Reap. The event was attended by the NSFC team, WeWatch representatives, and members of the wider sports community who got together to cheer on Cambodia whilst enjoying the premium WeWatch streaming service.

WeWatch CEO Sarah Wang said that this partnership with NSFC is exciting.

“It is not only a great opportunity to use our platform to showcase Cambodia’s talented athletes but it also helps us deliver our mission, to provide quality localised entertainment for our customers in Cambodia.”

“By supporting emerging teams like Next Step FC, we hope to help to build a more vibrant and engaged sports ecosystem through not only the potential to inspire and nurture the next generation of sporting talent in the region but to increase accessibility to home-grown football for viewers.”

“WeWatch is committed to promoting and developing local sports and culture in Cambodia. This partnership is an exciting step towards achieving that goal. By leveraging its platform, WeWatch aims to provide greater visibility to local sports and contribute to the growth and development of the sports community in the country.”

Speaking at the event, Charlie Pomroy, Head Coach at NSFC said not only is he pleased with the partnership but is a big fan of the WeWatch platform in general.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about WeWatch recently and as a user of the platform, I’m thrilled to sign this partnership. The timining of this event, in the middle of Cambodia hosting the SEA Games, is perfect and we are grateful to WeWatch for providing our players and the sports community here in Siem Reap with a night to remember.”

“Streaming games was an issue last season with no TV deal in place. For this season, we’ve brought on BPVE as our official media partner and together we hope to sit down with WeWatch and explore how we can ensure that every next step game is available to fans both in Cambodia and around the world.”

“The aim of the partnership is to leverage WeWatch’s platform to provide greater visibility to local sports and contribute to the growth and development of the sports community in Cambodia. We are grateful to WeWatch for their support and look forward to working together to grow our sports community,” he added.

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