What Will Happen With League Two


CPL have called a meeting with the six remaining clubs of the second division and on Wednesday 31st May, the plans will be decided for the upcoming season. Six clubs have gone out of business this summer and it leaves everyone guessing what is going to happen to the five clubs left in League Two. Here at BPVE we’ve taken a guess at all the possible outcomes.

A Mini League…

Five teams playing each other 6 times or 6 teams playing each other 4 times. Either scenario isn’t ideal and would get pretty boring very quickly. With financial issues being the main reason for the clubs demise, the remaining five clubs couldn’t be further apart. Two in Siem Reap, one in Phnon Penh, one in Takeo and one in Sianoukville. Koh Kong aren’t officially gone yet but they’re not going to be at the meeting tomorrow so that might be the final nail in their coffin.

Allowing Hun Sen Cup Teams In…

This has to be the most plausible scenario with Pailin, Battembang, BMC, Tbong Khnum and Kampot all having teams that can compete at this level and given the right support could create a fantastic second division. The issues would be if they allow one then they should allow all but even that wouldn’t be so bad with the option to create a third division. The issue is financially clubs can’t afford to play players and players have to work but if we’re smart with fixtures and transportation or can work.

One Big League… .

Maybe we take a step back to take two forward later on. Allowing the five teams into the top league and creating a 15 team CPL would be beneficial for everyone and help financially with the smaller clubs. The issues being that the level of quality between the top and bottom would be too big but again, given the right support, clubs could close that gap pretty quickly.

Allow B Teams from CPL….

There are 10 teams in CPL all of whom have York teams that could be converted into reserve teams and allowed to play. Crown, Svay Rieng, Vishaka, Army And Naga could all have their players playing a better standard than the current non existent youth leagues. As long as they manage the registration side of things and don’t allow players to play freely for both teams. The issue them would be promotion and relegation if a reserve team won the league but they have this system across Europe and causes no issues so why would it here?

The biggest fear is the unknown for the remaining clubs. If some rule is bought into effect only allowing u21 players or limited foreigners that’s different from the CPL then the gap will only get bigger. Whatever happens, this meeting could define the legacy of CPL. No one doubts that the premier division is improving but underneath it, League two, women’s League, youth leagues, rumours referees aren’t being paid and still no TV deal are all fundamental things that cannot be ignored.

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