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Laos have arrived in Cambodia ahead of their openings matchday fixture with Vietnam on Sunday night. Despite never hitting and heights of note of the international stage there are many beginning to believe that Laos, much like Cambodia, is beginning a golden generation of football, developing better infrastructure and young players.

We caught up with Brazilian coach Willander Fonseca who gave us a peek behind the curtain to at how both himself and Laos were feeling ahead of the games.

CP: Welcome to Cambodia my friend, it’s been far too long,  how are you feeling ahead of the games?

WF: It’s great to be back here in Cambodia and I’m very excited about being involved in a national team set up again.

CP: This is not your first time in Cambodia of course, you worked with Cambodia national team before. How does it feel to be back?

WF: I’m delighted to be back. Cambodia is a very special place for me. This was where I was involved with a national team for the first time in my career. I’ve been back before but everytime I come to Cambodia I’m always very excited.

CP: What has the welcome been like for international teams arriving here in Cambodia?

The welcome was as expected and the facilities and organization have been good so far.

Willander has worked across the region with Vietnam & Myanmar and also spends a lot of time living in Thailand with his family. He is no stranger to the football in this part is the world and he believes Laos can surprise a few people.

CP:  How is the mood in the Laos camp with a mountain of a task ahead of you?

WF: Everyone is really relaxed and excited about the upcoming games. We have a tough group but all we can do is give everything we have for the people of Laos and who knows what can happen.

CP: Realistically what’s the target for the team given such a hard group of games?

WF: It’s hard for me to say. I want to win. We want to win. The SEA Games, anything can happen. We have a very tough group with some strong teams but we fear no one.

CP: Any breakthrough star we should be watching for?

WF: I’ve only been working with the group a short time and I’m very impressed with the level. I don’t think any one player should be mentioned but as a team I think we can surprise many people.

So given his vast knowledge of the region we had to ask the only question that matters… .

CP: Finally, how far do you think Cambodia could go in the competition?

WF: Cambodia are always so hard to predict. The host nation is always dangerous and will give them the edge but they can also not turn up under the pressure. It’s tough. Laos Vs Cambodia final would be my dream. Haha!!

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