Women’s World Cup Prediction

Women World Cup

The women world cup kicks off today and it’s by far the most anticipated in it’s history. Expanded to thirty two teams for the first time and any one of six teams has a chance to win it, another six dark horses and eight countries making their debuts.

Angkor City head coach Charlie Pomroy gives us his prediction.

Group A & Group B

In Group A, New Zealand will be hoping to stay in for as long as possible to keep host nation energy alive. They have little or no chance of shifting Norway, likely to go deep in the competition, they will beat the filipinos leaving a tricky tie with the Swiss.

Group B has the co host Aussies in who are far more likely to give the home fans something to cheer about. They will go head to head with Canada, a dark horse, and then Ireland and Nigeria should give a good accounts of themselves but Australia will have too much.

Group C & Group D

Group C is a tasty one with two of those dark horses I keep talking about. Spain are decent and of course there are the Japanese who could win it. Costa Rica will be tough to beat and Zambia the same but not quite ready for this level.

Group D has the beloved English fresh from their European win and ready to take the ultimate prize.

China and Denmark are both though opponents but not at the level of the English girls. Haiti make their debuts but can hope for no better than 4th place.

Group E & Group F

The USA are favorites and rightly so, they have everything you need in abundance to go on and win this. The Dutch and Portugal behind them battle for second place and Vietnam will hope to do they country proud.

Group F is the group easiest to predict of them all. The French followed by a Brazil side that have the greatest to have ever played the game. Jamaica and Panama are making up the numbers.

Group G & Group H

If you ever fancied an outside bet then the swedish are it for this tournament. They will get through the group and Italy Argentina will battle for second.

Into Group H and the heavily fancied Germans will be confident. They have a quarter final destiny with the English though. Korea and Morocco will want to make for second with Colombia not quite ready for this level.

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