Angkor Tiger FC Sign Partnership Agreement with Worlds Best Gin

Angkor Tiger Football Club have signed a cooperation agreement with Mawsim Gin of Cambodia, whereby both brands will help promote each other worldwide.

The signing ceremony took place at the Mawsim Distillery and Concept Bar in Phnom Penh and was inked by flamboyant Angkor Tiger owner Akhiro Kato and Kenji Tsuzaki, Master Distiller of Unwaspa, the parent company of the distillery.

Who are Mawsim Gin

Established in Phnom Penh in 2021 with the aim of producing high quality eco-friendly gin, they now produce two varieties, namely Mawsim Gin Tropical Citrus and Mawsim Gin Spices and Herbs.

Both are currently sold at their Distillery and Concept Bar, which was not only named one of the 30 best bars in Cambodia in 2023, but is also a well known “hidden gem” reservation only restaurant and gin joint.

The company also sells locally providing their product to many well known high-end establishments, such as the Shinto Mani Wild, the most exclusive hotel within the Kingdom.

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It is also currently exported to Japan, with Tsizaki stating that they had already sold over 10,000 bottles to the country, as well as having plans to export to the markets in the “near future”.

And is it really the best gin in the world?

In short, yes it is, at least according to judges from Gin Magazine, who you would expect to know a thing or two about the subject. At the awards both the spiced and the citrus varietals were entered, both wining gold standard awards.

The gold standard essentially means it is in the top 20 percent of global gins, from where a “knock out” round is entered. From here the Mawsim Tropical Citrus came out victorious. This makes it not only the first Cambodian gin to win the top award in the world, but also and quite amazingly the first in the entirety of Asia.

With the company being from Japan this also follows on from the rich tradition of Japanese distillers excelling at liquor production, with Japanese whiskies regularly winning top awards globally.

You can read about the 2023 Gin Awards here

And as a gin drinking Englishman I would certainly attest to the quality of the drink, trying both in cocktail form, as well as of course as part of a gin and tonic. Personally my preference was for the spiced variety, but both were excellent.

The Angkor Tiger and Mawsim Partnership

According to both parties the partnership is to leverage the recognition both brands have and to use it help promote the other.

Some of the exiting plans include selling the gin at the club owned Tiger resort in Siem Reap, providing gin and tonics at Tiger matches, as well as even introducing a special Angkor Tiger branded gin available to fans and gin lovers alike.

Perhaps more excitingly though are plans to incorporate the partnership into the new development being planned by Angkor Tiger. The club recently announced that they would be building not only a new stadium, but also a number of entertainment venues as part of the development. Therefore plans are to potentially have a new high-end gin concept bar and even a distillery in Siem Reap.

You can read about the new stadium here.

And if Angkor Tiger can emulate their gin making partners, maybe they will also become world beaters.

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