See You Soon Dominates WPML Season 2 Grand Final, Claims Championship with 3-1 Victory Over CFU Gaming


In an electrifying showdown at Prince Mall Sihanoukville, the second season of the WOWNOW & Prince Mall League (WPML S2) came to a thrilling conclusion, with “See You Soon” emerging as the new champions. The grand final showcased remarkable gaming talent and intense competition.

See You Soon, a team that had consistently impressed throughout the tournament, secured their place in the Grand Final with a blend of skill, teamwork, and strategy. They faced off against CFU Gaming, a formidable opponent that had earned its place in the finals through exceptional gameplay.

The Grand Final, best of five, featured intense battles across a variety of games. The atmosphere was electric, with fans and supporters filling the Prince Mall’s gaming arena to capacity. The opening game set the tone for the series as See You Soon claimed victory, leaving CFU Gaming with a daunting task ahead.

The second game witnessed a remarkable comeback from CFU Gaming, showcasing their resilience and determination. The crowd roared in excitement as CFU Gaming leveled the series, ensuring that the Grand Final would be a closely contested affair.

However, See You Soon was not to be denied. They bounced back in the third game, displaying superior strategies and teamwork. With an intense focus and precision, they managed to secure a critical victory that edged them closer to the championship.


The fourth game was the final showdown, and See You Soon rose to the occasion. They demonstrated their dominance, leaving CFU Gaming with no room for a comeback. With a 3-1 victory, See You Soon clinched the championship, becoming the undisputed champions of WPML Season 2.

The team’s supporters erupted in cheers as See You Soon was crowned the champions of WPML S2. Their hard work, dedication, and skill throughout the season had paid off, and they had etched their names in the annals of WPML history.

The winning team expressed their gratitude to their fans and acknowledged the tough competition they had faced in the Grand Final. CFU Gaming also received recognition for their impressive performance, contributing to the thrilling spectacle that was the WPML S2 Grand Final.

The WPML Season 2 Grand Final at Prince Mall Sihanoukville will be remembered as a remarkable esports event that showcased the incredible talent and dedication of the competing teams. As esports continues to grow in popularity, events like this serve as a testament to the skill and passion of the gaming community. Congratulations to See You Soon for their well-deserved victory in the WPML Season 2 Grand Final, and we look forward to even more exciting esports action in the future

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