CPL 1 Clubs Split Over CPL 2 Participation


Following a meeting between clubs slated to take part in the 2023-24 Cambodian Premier League season clubs have largely been split as to whether they will also enter a team in the second-tier of Cambodia.

Initially ISI, Tiffy Army, Boeung Ket, Phnom Penh Crown, Visakha and PKR Svay Rieng had been invited to take part in CPL 2, with it now confirmed that at least three of the clubs will not take part.

To read about the CPL 2 meeting click here.

Who is and isn’t taking part?

According to those part of the meeting PKR Svay Rieng, Phnom Penh Crown and Boeung Ket FC have declined to take part in the second-tier. BPVE have reached out to the clubs involved, with one source who asked not be named stating “we not only see no benefit, but there is also. plan or organisation”. This was a position echoed Phnom Pemh Crown coach Oleg Staryinski who told BPVE “ for us our priority is the CPL and a youth league”

Currently there is various talk about a national under 18 leave taking part in Cambodia, which some feel puts CPL 2 in danger of not taking place.

On the pro side ISI have hated that they will enter a team in the division, although only Khmer players, Tiffy Army have stated that they “probably will”, but need a few more days to decide, while Visakha have tasted their desire to wait. The laters reasoning being that they want to find out whether the aforementioned under-18s league will take place.

What does this mean for CPL 2?

Essentially it means more uncertainty, with this likely to have been behind there not being a CPL 2 meeting last Monday. As things stand there are 5-6 “real” clubs waiting to take part, but at best only three of the six reserve sides having shown any interest at all.

At a best case scenario this might mean a CPL 2 with eight clubs, with the exact format and indeed fixtures yet to be confirmed.

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