Why BPVETV Network Works

BPVETV Network continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform there is. As a nation, we watch nearly 4 hours of TV a day and it’s a central part of all our lives and conversations.

BPVETV is where brands go to build fame and generate sales delivering advertisers more profit per $ spent, than any other form of advertising. An independent study found that TV Network consistently outperforms other media in generating profit and is typically over twice as effective as the next best performing medium.

Advertising your business through TV Network is now accessible to virtually any business with BPVE TV.

Three key reasons why TV Works

Brand Safe

The company you keep matters. Advertising on TV with BPVE TV gives you the peace of mind that your business will be seen in a trusted, brand safe and premium environment alongside world famous brands.


most trusted way to advertise

TV advertising is fully regulated with independently verified measurement. And that’s why TV advertising is the most trusted form of advertising there is, giving brands a stamp of quality and credibility.


Ask anyone to name their favourite ad and it’s most likely a TV ad. This popularity translates into effectiveness.

Full screen, on a big screen

TV ads capture more attention and drives fame more than any other form of advertising, often watched together generating conversations and driving leads.


TV is typically over twice as effective as the next best performing medium, that’s why over 70% of businesses that use AdSmart come back.

TV is responsible for


of total advertising-generated profit at an average profit ROI over 3 years of £4.20 per £ spent, the highest ROI of any media.

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